The Lifestyle Movement (That You and I Need)

Being a climate change activist is far from a glamorous lifestyle choice. Such a way of life makes one question the quotidian and hone in on necessity. It might mean riding your bike to work, learning to compost, or taking shorter showers. Unfortunately, however, such overt habits that stray from those of the masses can come with stigmas. And stigmas become social burdens to an already overwhelmed mindset of processing and confronting the latest statistics on carbon in the atmosphere, warming waters, and melting glaciers.

This commitment to standing up for our environment can be discouraging, to say the least. But we have to stay optimistic! There is more information available now about the causes of climate change than ever before! University students are able to choose paths of study and create careers for the fight against global warming. Federal governments and local municipalities all over the world are making moves to pass greener policies and encouraging their citizens to participate. From this viewpoint, the movement against climate change is gaining strong momentum!

Despite our minimalist tendencies as climate change activists, we are still humans and therefore consumers by nature. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t be conscientious consumers and promote green practices through our material purchases. Let’s face it, clothing is how we identify ourselves in this consumer culture. People wear Nike because they identify with the pursuit of athletic greatness. People wear Vans because they identify with the skating culture that the brand represents. Branching Threads is less a company that sells clothing and more a team that supplies the goods for us to identify with this movement and remind ourselves to always make the green choice. We wear Branching Threads because we identify with the pursuit of cleaner air, a greener planet and a lower carbon footprint for all.   Do you?

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